Please see our sample menu - Items may change based on seasonality and availability of fresh and local ingredients.




Sample Menu from Spring 2018

Sample menu - subject to change without notice due to seasonality of ingredients. 

Bread & Butter  $5

Oysters - Horseradish, lemon, chili sauce $3 each


Selection of Artisan Cheese - priced per 25 g


Gildas - Skewer of manzanilla overs, pickled guindilla pepper, anchovy filet $3


Dynamite Deviled Eggs - Tobiko, kewpie mayo, siriracha $3 each

Saucisson Sec - Dry cured pork sausage, pickles, mustard $7

Breakfast radishes - Wasabi butter, sea salt $7

Salt Cod Croquettes - Yukon Gold potato, lemon aioli $8

French Fries $6


Kale salad - Roasted garlic, lemon, bottarga, parmesan $12

Marinated squid salad - Harissa, meyer lemon, olive oil, mint, chickpeas $16

Sea Bream Ceviche - Rhubarb, red onion, celery, jalapeno, cilantro $17

Fried Softshell Crab - Fried Garlic, crab aioli $17

Littleneck Clams - White wine, spinach, seaweed butter, parsley, grilled bread $17

Fish Sandwich - Potato bun, tartare sauce, iceberg lettuce $18

Bucatini Puttanesca - Black olive, caper, chilies $18 

Breaded Pork Cutlet - Cabbage and mustard greens salad, rice pilaf $22



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