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Located in the historic downtown, The Prune continues to illuminate the Stratford food scene

offering a dining experience that is consistently creative and joyful.


Our cuisine is inspired in part by the bounty of local artisan producers and growers.  With touches of world cuisines alongside the classics, the result is an experience that is both uplifting and memorable.


Hand-picked wines and beers created by passionate wine makers and craft brewers,

along with a revitalized cocktail list complement the fresh menu.

Meet our team of passionate professionals, all about putting you and your experience first. We're committed to serving delicious and imaginative food sourced from local suppliers and farmers. We want every guest to enjoy the classic Prune experience from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave.

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In 1977, what began as a "self-directed sabbatical from work" by Eleanor Kane and Marion Isherwood transformed into the opening of The Old Prune, originally a quaint tea room in Stratford. The collaboration with James Morris of Rundles Restaurant, also established in the same year, laid the foundation for a historic culinary journey. Under the direction of Isherwood and Kane, The Old Prune quickly earned its reputation, with such past chefs as Sue Anderson, Bryan Steele, Michael Fry, Ryan O’Donnell and Jamie Crosby in the kitchen.


In 2011, The Old Prune transitioned ownership to Windsor Hospitality, becoming The Prune. Eleanor Kane retired soon after, marking the end of an era. The Prune, now standing as a culinary institution, continues to evolve and thrive. Today, it proudly stands as part of the vibrant culinary scene in downtown Stratford, offering exquisite fine dining and a rich history that dates back to its roots as a small tea room.




















In 1983, the Stratford Chefs School was born out of necessity and vision. Three pioneering Stratford restaurant proprietors—Joseph Mandel of The Church Restaurant, James Morris of Rundles, and Eleanor Kane of The Old Prune—recognized a need for local culinary professionals. With a shortage of professionals in high-octane kitchens despite the influx of international chefs to Stratford, they decided to take matters into their own hands.


Meeting with John Evans, director of Stratford’s Canada Manpower agency, they showcased the absence of a program to train culinary professionals in the country. Through Evans' advocacy, they gained the support needed to create the program. The school officially started in 1983 and has since set the standard for excellence in professional culinary training in Canada.


When the School first opened, and for many years following, students did their practical training in the kitchens and dining rooms of the three co-founder’s restaurants during the fall and winter, when the Stratford Festival Theatre season was in hibernation. The Old Prune was the scene for the hands-on training of many cohorts of students, and where memorable Chefs School Dinner Labs for the public took place. 


The modern-day Chefs School has two professional programs: a relatively new 16-week summer program from June to September, and a 32-week program with cook apprenticeship, that begins in late October. It also offers cooking classes of all varieties to the public. The SCS has produced nearly 900 alumni, including notable figures such as Randi Rudner and Mike Booth, now Co-Chefs of The Prune and Instructors at the School. Over the years, the School has evolved, opening its permanent professional kitchens and dining room at 136 Ontario Street in downtown Stratford in 2017. This dedicated space allows for year-round operations, showcasing the School's commitment to culinary education.

The partnership between The Prune and the Stratford Chefs School brings a full-circle dynamic to the culinary landscape. It not only connects the historical dots but also provides valuable experiences for aspiring chefs, ensuring the legacy of culinary excellence in Stratford continues for years to come.

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