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Front of House Manager, Sommelier, Bar Manager

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Originally hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Conor's professional journey has been a blend of his artistic pursuits and his deep-rooted love for food and beverages. His artistic endeavors led him to Toronto, where he earned a theater diploma. From there, he ventured to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he attained a Masters of Arts.


In Stratford, Conor has worked as a server and bartender in several local restaurants, developing a strong attachment to the town's vibrant restaurant community. He has most recently taken on key roles at the Red Rabbit and Prune Restaurants, serving as a restaurant manager, sommelier, and bar manager. His dedication to mixology and wine led him to further his expertise with the IWEG and WSET Level 3 certification, fueling his passion for the world of wine.


What truly defines Conor's career is his passion for the art of dining and hospitality. He's committed to creating memorable and personal experiences for guests while fostering supportive work environments that empower service staff to thrive and excel. Conor's deep-seated love for the culinary and hospitality world is something he's eager to share with aspiring students, guiding them towards success in their own careers.

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