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Head Chef

Randi Rudner

Hailing originally from Montreal, Randi lived in Kingston for 12 years. There, she took an undergraduate degree in philosophy at Queen’s University, taught clinical and communication skills at Queen’s University Medical School, and co-owned a co-operative café, where she found her place in the kitchen. Randi’s position as sous chef in a restaurant owned by graduates of the Stratford Chefs School led to her enrolment in the Chefs School, where she graduated with honours in 2012.


Randi worked under Chef Neil Baxter at Rundles Restaurant for 6 years, at both Pazzo Taverna and The Prune after Rundles closed, was the co-chef of Somewhere, a 10-seat restaurant in Stratford serving submarine sandwiches by day, and tasting menus by night. Most recently Randi was co-chef with husband Mike Booth at The Prune, Stratford, for the 2021 through 2023 summer seasons.

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